standard Landslide in Sichuan, China during worst flood season in over a decade

Landslide in Hanyuan County, China (AP-Xinhua, Jian Hongjing)

The landslide that occurred in Huayuan County, China in the Southern Province of Sichuan yesterday morning is one of a number of hazards that has plagued the country since it has experienced its worst flood season in over a decade.  A landslide from Ermanshan Mountain engulfed the Shuange village where three survivors were rescued, including an 80-year-old according to the BBC.   About 4,000 villagers were evacuated from their homes and 21 people have been reported missing since Tuesday morning.

The water level in the massive Three Gorges Dam, the world’s largest hydroelectric project which was also built to end centuries of floods along the Yangtze River basin, hit its highest level ever last week.  Taiwan News

Three Gorges Dam (AP)

Regarding hydroelectric dam projects, an interesting question is how they displace people making them more vulnerable to hazards or play a role in the cause or magnitude of the hazards themselves, as was brought forward by some researchers during the aftermath of the devastating 2008 Sichuan earthquake.  The China Flood Prevention Agency reported that three-quarters of China’s provinces have been plagued by flooding and 25 rivers have seen record-high water levels.

The recent ‘bad weather’ has killed 1,250 people in China and has cost the country over £14 billion.

Broadcast report from CCTV-4 (China) below:

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