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Current flooding in Pakistan echoes what the country experienced last year (see Flood Waters Rising in Pakistan and Pakistan flood disaster far from over) as monsoons that killed nearly 2,000 people inundated 796,095 square kilometres of land (around 1/5th of the country’s land mass), wiping out resources essential to survival including clean water, food and shelter.  Now, to make matters worse, Pakistan has been hit hard by more heavy monsoon rains that have left millions struggling to survive in the Sindh and Balochistan provinces.  Diaries from Aid workers in Pakistan available on AltertNet convey their harsh experiences in helping people whose lives have been ruined by the floods.  Scientists and NGO officials alike have expressed views that the intense rainfall in Pakistan and other countries in Asia is linked to human-induced climate change.

Meanwhile, UNICEF has appealed to the world for $50.3 million to cover the basic needs of children and women affected by the floods.  They say that children are the most vulnerable to the floods in Pakistan with up to 2.5 million affected.  At the moment though, people do not seem as willing to donate money to help Pakistan, even if it doesn’t go through the government.  There has also been little media coverage of the disaster overall.

According to the international humanitarian aid agency IFRC: “If you look into the media, there are negative perceptions of the country.  People are talking about the Pakistani government’s relation with America; they’re talking about militias, things like that. That negative perception may make donors reluctant to step forward.”

“The people of Sindh are not militias, they’re ordinary people, they’re farmers, they’re teachers, and they need help.”

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