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Words alone can’t express the immensity of the AGU Meeting.  It is a truly spectacular event.  So here is the first of a couple of posts featuring photos of different parts of the meeting to give a sense of the atmosphere.

I’ll start with the poster hall, which I think is really the backbone of what AGU is about.  It allows researchers to communicate with each other directly about their research.  The poster is a gift of science (like the scientific paper) that communicates scientific knowledge and usually provides a stimulating visual representation of the research.

Posters are organised logically in a hall that seems like a modern version of something out of ancient Greece, such as the Lyceum, where philosophers would gather to talk about ideas, debate and share wisdom.

Each poster is categorised according to its field in geoscience such as seismology, hydrology, hazard, geodesy etc, but there are also some on science education and communication.

Some of the sessions get so crowded you can hardly walk, similar to a carnival or music festival only in this case the culture is science.

The research poster is an important tool for engagement.  There is a level of excitement, but also casualness that goes along with the poster sessions (beer served during the afternoon session!) where you don’t feel inhibited to ask questions, in contrast to an oral presentation where much emphasis is placed on performance.

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