standard How social workers address the impacts of climate change

Prof Lena Dominelli, Associate Director of Vulnerabilities and Resilience at IHRR and a researcher on the BIOPICCC project, was interviewed by Responding to Climate Change — an NGO that produced news coverage of the COP17 conference in Durban, South Africa.  In this video, Lena talks about the role of social work in delivering the needs of communities that have been impacted by climate change.


  1. I am a social scientist and i have specifically studed social work. I realise that social sciences, social work included, have ave an important role to play in solving this climate change and variability taking place in the world. please send me regular information on any thing related to the environment, climate change,disasters, international and global issues.

    1. Thanks for your comment Otis. We would be very happy to be in touch you about future research projects and outputs on this very important issue. We will also be posting on this blog more about the research we’re doing here at IHRR and in Durham on the role of social science in addressing climate change disaster.


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