standard Could the film Chasing Ice cause people to think differently about climate change?

An official trailer of the documentary Chasing Ice that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival early this year is now available.  Chasing Ice could potentially get people thinking about climate change in new ways beyond modelling, charts and graphs and polarised debates about IPCC future climate projections and the existence of human-induced climate change itself.  This film could be politicised on multiple scales, yet it seems smart enough to stand on its own above the political squabbling.  But whether it will get large numbers of people to think about the Earth’s changing environments that we live in and the influence of climate change will be interesting to see.

It seems a subject-driven film meaning it is focused on the work of National Geographic photographer James Balog (who uses high res time-lapse cameras to capture stunning footage of glaciers in the arctic melting at astounding rates) rather than an expository or argument-based piece which was the case of An Inconvenient Truth that starred US former vice president Al Gore and was a catalyst for public awareness, skepticism and alarmism surrounding the science of climate change.

For those who have seen the film and happen to cross by this post we’d be happy to hear what your thoughts were about whether you think the film has serious policy implications or made you think about the risk of climate change in ways you had not thought of before, without giving it away of course.

This is an interview with director Jeff Orlowski about making the film.


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