standard Resilience Photo Competition


Espen Rasmussen/Panos Pictures

When you think of resilience what is the first image that comes to mind?  It could be a person, an animal, a building, a city, even an island or forest.  However you think of resilience we want to hear from you.  Send us some of your best photos of resilience and if we think they’re as brilliant as you do we’ll publish them in the next issue of IHRR’s magazine, Hazard Risk Resilience.  We are interested in seeing resilience from a wide variety of perspectives such as science, art, nature or architecture, the possibilities are limitless.

This is an opportunity for any professional, amateur or budding photographers out there that are interested in documenting resilience.  The top three photos will be published in the next issue of Hazard Risk Resilience due out early next year.  Please send your submissions to by 15 February 2013 in any suitable image format (.jpg, .gif, .png etc.) with name to be credited.  We look forward to seeing them.


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