standard IHRR Postgraduate Fellowship in Enhancement of Knowledge to Build Resilience to Hazards

Thanks to a generous gift from an alumnus of Durham University, IHRR is offering a new Postgraduate Fellowship designed to support a PhD studentship for 3 years in IHRR. The Postgraduate Fellowship will fund a new PhD research project located in a suitable academic department. The project will be conducted in a region of the world with relatively limited economic resources, where the community is at risk of natural disaster or other environmental hazard which puts lives and/or livelihoods at risk.

The aim is to carry out academically rigorous research which has a tangible, practical, deliverable outcome in helping to enhance knowledge about effective ways to build resilience against the hazards faced, and to share this knowledge with people in the community where the work is carried out. This purpose accords very closely with the aims of IHRR and the student awarded this Fellowship will be very welcome as a valued partner in the Institute.

Applications can be considered for PhD projects in all disciplines and from students overseas or within the EU. The Fellowship is designed to cover tuition fees, maintenance stipend and an element for costs of work in the field or laboratory work. For further information download the application. Deadline is 30 May 2013. For any enquiries about the fellowship email for the attention of Professor Sarah Curtis, Executive Director of IHRR.

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