This two-day workshop at Durham University 18-19 June 2013 is organised by the Cost Action IS1101 Climate Change and Migration project led by Dr Andrew Baldwin.  The workshop will feature the following seminars and features Key Note presentations from David Theo Goldberg and Uma Kothari:

Keynote Address

David Theo Goldberg (University of California, Irvine)

Parting Waters: Seas of Movement

Uma Kothari (University of Manchester)
Colonial Representations and Island Imaginaries: Racialised Narratives of Climate Change and Migration

Biopolitical Perspectives

Julian Reid (University of Lapland)
The Biopolitics of Climate-Induced Migration

Arun Saldanha (Lancaster University)
Climate Change as Biopolitical Assemblage: How Global Capitalism Produces Racial Difference

Arne Harms (FU Berlin)
Shipwrecked Islands and Spectators: Thinking through Climate Change with Blumenberg

On Affect and Time

Andrew W. Baldwin (Durham University)
Whiteness and the state of arrest: the affective logic of whiteness and the climate change migrant

Katherine E. Russo (Università degli Studi di Napoli, “L’Orientale”)
Environmental Chaos, States of Exception and the Language of Affect in Multiracial Communities

Nigel Clark (Lancaster University)
Geologic Politics of Race and the Coming of the Anthropocene

Post/coloniality and Resources

Lars Jensen (Roskilde University)
Greenlandic postcoloniality and the predicament of prosperity inducing climate change

Ranabir Samaddar (Calcutta Research Centre)
Resource, Environment, and Migration: Colonialism and Post-colonial Continuities

Pacific Mobilities

Carol Farbotko (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia), Elaine Stratford (University of Tasmania, Australia), Heather Lazrus (National Centre for Atmospheric Research, USA)

Tuvalu, Fenua, and Archipelago: Mobile sovereignties and identities
Johannes Herbeck, Dr. Silja Klepp (Artec Research Center for Sustainability Studies, University of Bremen)

Negotiating Climate Change and Migration in the European Union and the Pacific
Emilie Chevalier (University of Limoges)

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