standard IHRR’s Tipping Points project at British Science Festival 2013


IHRR is pleased to announce that the Tipping Points project will be participating in the British Science Festival in September with the following Main Programme event:

Tipping Points in Nature and Society

Date/Time: 11 September, Wednesday 12.30-14.00
Location: Fine Art Lecture Theatre, Fine Art Building, Newcastle University

How does sudden radical change occur? Join researchers on their quest to explore the world’s ‘tipping points’.

Critical transitions or ‘tipping points’ influence science, society and the planet, from climate change to financial crises. This event presents tipping points studied in nature and society by researchers from multiple disciplines.

To book this event visit and scroll down to ‘Tipping Points in Nature and Society’.

Researchers will also be participating in the Young People’s Programme part of the festival with an activity on how information spreads through social networks. Check it out on page 10 of the young people’s festival guide.

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