standard Tipping Points Workshop: Critical Transitions

A two-day interdisciplinary workshop to launch the final work package of IHRR’s Tipping Points project September 27-28 at the Palatine Centre, Durham University.

Speakers Include:

John Adams (London School of Economics)
Derek Attridge (University of York)
Mark Currie (Queen Mary, University of London)
Christopher Norris (Cardiff University)
Santiago Zabala (ICREA/University of Barcelona)
And members and advisors of the Tipping Points project from Durham University:
Patricia Waugh, Sarah Atkinson, John Nash and Marc Botha

Critical Transitions refer to events, points, or processes through which significant change occurs. Such transitions characterize situations in which one state gives way, or tips, into another state – whether as a result of a gradual accumulation of tensions or forces, or through the eruption of something absolutely unexpected and new. In every case, however, Critical Transitions refer to dynamic situations.

To grasp this dynamism, it is necessary to recognize that the numerous concepts which have been developed to account for the phenomenon of change – concepts such as moment, event, irreversibility, hybrid, hospitality, dissemination, emergency, end, turn, threshold and exception, period, movement and paradigm – exist in a counterpoint, rather than in direct competition with one another.

Attendance of the workshop is free, and will include light lunch and a drinks reception, but places are strictly limited. Please book places as soon as possible by emailing:

For more information about the Tipping Points project please visit its website.

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