standard Extreme flooding in South West England

A satellite view of the floods at Somerset Levels as heavy rains earlier this month brought severe flooding to South West England. This comes at a time when extreme weather events have become more frequent throughout the world, particularly rainfall. In order to prepare for such events finding ways to adapt built infrastructure and coordinate services across the public and private sectors is vital.


While there is no ‘quick fix‘ for mitigating floods, long-term plans can be made to help mitigate flood hazards. Dr Nick Odoni, a flood researcher based in IHRR and the Dept of Geography, advises that people concerned about flooding should first look at the EA flood map website for information on flood zones in their area. There is also an important role for rural land management in addressing flood risk that may be applicable to your community.

Former Executive Director of IHRR Professor Stuart Lane explains in this video how land management in rural areas can be used to reduce flooding:

More about the floods:

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