standard Next IHRR Seminar: A forward looking perspective on flood hazard and vulnerability

10th March 2014, 13:00 to 14:00, Seminar Room 010, Dept of Geography, Professor Alberto Montanari, University of Bologna, Italy


The damages and fatalities caused by floods are dramatically increasing in many countries of the world, including in Europe and developing regions. Scientists have long investigated the possible reasons for the raising severity of floods, in order to devise efficient strategies for mitigating the above damages. There is a general consensus that is widely amplified by media, that climate change is the most important triggering factor of the increased flood hazard and vulnerability. This seminar will give an overview of recent research on this subject and will provide a forward-looking perspective on the impact of floods on human activity.

The seminar will introduce the concept of flood frequency and flood vulnerability as intimately connected with hydrological change (which includes effects induced by climate change). Such intimate connection is rooted in the interaction between hydrology and society: societal development and human activity induce hydrological change which impacts on flood dynamics. A better comprehension of the two-way interaction between humans and hydrology is needed in order to set up effective flood mitigation strategies.

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