standard Public Debate – Rescuing Our Brownfield Spaces


Brownfield or previously developed land is everywhere. Nearly everyone has visited or lived near an area that was once used for industrial purposes, making it unsuitable for redevelopment. Besides being an eye sore, brownfield is also known to be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of communities who live near it, but often the financial costs are too great for it to be restored and developed.

As the global population rises and land for agriculture and housing increases in demand, redeveloping brownfield may hold a solution to some of these challenges, but how do we do it? Some technologies are available, while others are in the making, but how can they be used sustainably?

The event is open to all and will use the Crowd Wise process designed by New Economics Foundation to seek a consensus: Beginning with an open question, participants (panel and audience) are invited to work together to create and refine possible answers. This is a collaborative process, where answers can be merged, split or refined by anyone, in order to create the most interesting, wide-ranging and appealing range of possibilities. Then, instead of voting for their favourite, each participant is asked to rank each answer from best to worst. Votes are then counted to establish which option has the broadest support.

3rd April 2014, 17:30 to 20:00, SALSA cafe & tapas bar, Newcastle, Dr Karen Johnson, IHRR, Durham University, Phil Hartley, Newcastle City Council, Tarric Igun, Newcastle University

Speakers include:

Phil Hartley, Land Contamination Specialist, Newcastle City Council
Tarric Igun, Newcastle University
Karen Johnson, IHRR (ROBUST Project) Durham University

Facilitators: Perry Walker and Caspar Hewett, Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience

The event is free but you must book tickets as places are limited.

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