standard Rethinking climate change-induced migration and displacement

Two talks from researchers in climate change migration part of a COST Action (IS1101) workshop on climate change and migration. These keynotes part of a series of talks given at the workshop ‘Race, Affect and Alterity: rethinking climate change-induced migration and displacement‘.

In a keynote address given by Professor Uma Kothari from the University of Manchester, ‘Colonial Representations and Island Imaginaries: racialised narratives of climate change and migration’, she talks about how island nations  are racialised, particularly through colonial representations. Highly interesting, especially for understanding race within the context of environmental impacts of climate change, such as migration. Kothari said: ‘The key challenge is for us to find opportunities to create other kinds of representations that can contest and replace these tenacious colonialist depictions’.

Another keynote given at the workshop by Professor David Theo Goldberg from the University of California Irvine, ‘Parting waters: Seas of Movement’.

Many thanks to virtualmigrants for recording and originally posting these videos.

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