standard Edward Snowden’s talk on internet security and digital freedom

Since the Edward Snowden affair internet security, freedom of information and government surveillance have all been brought into question. This TED talk given by Snowden shares some important insights into data privacy in an age of advanced surveillance strategies and technologies, that perhaps have only now begun to appear in the spotlight where they have been scrutinised by the media, governments and general public. The NSA’s surveillance systems have been met with severe criticism, but have also been defended as necessary to protect the public from terrorist attacks, for example.

Snowden has expressed that he merely acted as a conduit for exposing the NSA’s surveillance tactics, but since then he has become quite literally a virtual celebrity. Regardless of the various opinions that have been made about Snowden, he has been the catalyst in opening up a global debate on digital privacy, surveillance and civil rights. It has also caused people to question whether the internet is a great innovation for democracy or simply a useful tool for government surveillance.

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