standard Upcoming Seminar – What next for hazard, risk and resilience in society?

13th October 2014, 13:00 to 14:30, W007, Dept of Geography, Andrew Collins, Northumbria University

This lecture given by Andrew Collins, Professor in Disaster and Development at Northumbria University, will address the conundrum of what next for hazard, risk and resilience in society? A wealth of well-grounded knowledge and experience has emerged from disaster and development studies that are fuelled by hope in the emergence of new-found awareness and capacity to be able to live with hazards and risks, cope with disaster, and prosper socially and economically.

However this would require a cultural shift for much of humankind. Whilst empirically derived actions from the emergent learning in this field provide some guidance for the future, much of what will be required has either not yet been experienced, or is known but lacking political or personal commitment. Given these constraints the current fixation with resilience is too limited a way of addressing survivability, albeit a necessary part of that process.

Further development of the discourse and actions needed to address hazard, risk and societal disaster is informed by the nature of boundaries, flows and outcomes in social, economic and environmental processes. The better understanding derived will assist in progressing beyond resilience to knowledge brokering that drives surrounding analytical topologies that resilience invokes.

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