Welcome to the Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience Blog

This blog will report on all research happening at IHRR in risk, resilience and hazards, such as landslides, earthquakes and volcanoes, along with security, ecological impacts of climate change and much more.  It will also include relevant news, topics, essays and online resources for communicating and studying different kinds of hazards and risks in society.

IHRR is researching many complex global issues in hazard and risk that require interdisciplinary expertise spanning the physical, biological and social sciences, and humanities.  This blog is about encouraging discussion on all things having to do with hazard and risk research.

The Institute is based at Durham University in the UK.  For an introduction to IHRR’s research, goals and mission please visit its website.

Not everything that appears on this blog including individual ideas or opinions is necessarily endorsed by the Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience.