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standard Preserving coastal heritage at risk

Dr Elias Lopez-Romero a Marie Curie-IEF Fellow from the Department of Archaeology at Durham University introduces the ALERT app that allows users to upload information about vulnerable archaeological sites near European Atlantic coastlines. Present climatic change and anthropogenic pressure increasingly affect the […]

standard Lest we forget: British banking during the global financial crisis

Professor Ranald Michie tells the story of banking in Britain within the context of the Global Financial Crisis, starting with the failure of Northern Rock and other highly interconnected banks in the UK. In September 2007 rumours began to circulate […]

standard Live worlds, live words: Indigenous language of the Bajo

Elena E. Burgos-Martínez is a PhD student in the Department of Anthropology at Durham University writing from her field site on Nain Island in the province of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Here she is living amongst the indigenous The sea nomads […]

standard Handbook on Disaster Intervention and Humanitarian Aid

Professor Lena Dominelli, a Co-Director of IHRR, has authored two new guides on disaster intervention and humanitarian aid that are freely available.  The first is a Handbook on Disaster Intervention and Humanitarian Aid, the second provides ethical guidelines for research into […]