standard Accumulation of small events creates a large environmental hazard: the case of diffuse pollution

Many environmental hazards are visually impressive including floods, landslides and volcanic eruptions. All of them have a wow factor in that they grab news headlines. However, other environmental hazards can pose a significant problem, but originate from the accumulation of […]

standard Climate change mitigation begins with every household

Anyone reading this likely knows (or should know) that reducing global CO2 emissions can start at the household level.  There are a number of useful guides out there for monitoring emissions of households.  For the US, the Cool Climate Network […]

standard Podcast: Restoring brownfield land sustainably

This podcast from ROBUST features Dr Karen Johnson, one of the leaders of the project.  In this instalment, Karen introduces different aspects of the project including how to remediate brownfield land using recycled minerals known as manganese oxides left from […]