When the Shaking Stops

Part 1

Part 2

Dr Alex Densmore, Director of Hazards Research at IHRR and Dr Mark Allen talk about the aims of the programme of research ‘When the Shaking Stops’  and  discuss the need for research on secondary hazards in the developed and developing world.

Sustainable Leader


Robert Swan tells his incredible story of traveling to the North and South Poles and how he’s working to protect Antarctica from human-induced climate change and oil drilling in his 2041 Voyage for renewable energy.

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Telling Stories About Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology could likely transform the future of our everyday lives, but how do we understand the risks that may be involved?  Researchers at IHRR talk about how members of the public understand nanotechnology based on narratives or stories that have been with us long before the advent of science.

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