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I didn’t have the pleasure of attending AGU 2012, but thanks to their video on demand session and lecture series you can still watch some really great sessions online.  I highlight several of them that I think have particular implications for research in hazard and risk from geohazards to climate change and communicating science in the case of the 2009 L’Aquila Earthquake after which seven scientists were prosecuted and sentenced to jail for six years for failing to predict the earthquake.  An incredibly controversial decision that has been met with ferocious criticism from scientists and non-scientists alike.

The Race to Understand a Changing Planet
Dr Piers J. Sellers

How modelling is trying to keep up with planetary change.  Some really nice visuals. Read more

The American Geophysical Union Fall meeting is held every year in San Francisco and is one of the largest geosciences meetings with over 19,000 people attending.  The meeting is held over five days in two huge meeting spaces (think multiple indoor football pitches, and then two floors of them).  The sheer scale of the meeting means it’s hard to see every presentation that is relevant to you, let alone the sessions on topics that are a step away from your core interests.  It is these sessions that often lead to new ideas for your core problems – stepping over that disciplinary divide often pays dividends. Read more

Hazard Risk Resilience Magazine Issue 2 Out Now!

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