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Yesterday I was deeply honoured to present the AQA Annual Lecture at the Geographical Association annual conference in Derby.  I talked on the topic of Future Trends in Natural Hazard Losses -  essentially a review of what we expect to see in the next few decades on a global basis.  I started the talk by looking at recent trends, and then looked forward to what we might expect.  I finished with an example of one of the mega-quakes that we fear – in this case a large earthquake in Western Nepal.

The slides are on Authorstream – you can download the Powerpoint file there – and should also appear below:

Professor Dave Petley presents how landslide hazards occur throughout the world, but especially in countries where people are most vulnerable such as China, India and Nepal.  Prof Petley demonstrates the need for natural scientists, social scientists and social workers to work together to mitigate the risk of landslide hazards and increase resilience.  This plenary talk was given at the 2012 Breaking the Mould Conference at Durham University.

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