standard Southern England: the potential for movement in deep-seated landslides

Extreme rainfall in southern England Southern England is currently undergoing an extraordinary period of exceptional rainfall, especially in the south, which is causing floods on an unprecedented scale.  This rainfall, which is likely to be a consequence of climate change, […]

standard Port Hills, Christchurch: Demolishing the Rockfall Threatened Houses

The Port Hills rockfall problem The Port Hills area on the edge of Christchurch was very seriously affected by the Christchurch earthquake sequence.  The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority will today start the process of demolishing the rockfall affected houses in […]

standard Landslides and large dams – presentation given by Prof Dave Petley at the 2013 Vajont conference

A little over a month ago I gave a talk at the Vajont 2013 conference on the topic of landslides and large dams.  At the time I committed to making the Powerpoint file available online, so here it is: The file […]