standard 2011 UN World Risk Index

A World Risk Index was released earlier this month by the United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security in Bonn, Germany.  It uses four indicators to define countries at risk to natural disasters namely exposure, susceptibility, coping capacities […]

standard The new UK Government Humanitarian Policy

A few months ago I featured the UK Government’s response to the Ashdown report, which sought to review the ways that Britain provides assistance to both slow onset and sudden crises, including both social (e.g. conflict) and hazard related (e.g. […]

standard Paul Slovic – ‘The More Who Die the Less We Care: Confronting Apathy Toward Mass Atrocities’

This is the screencast of IHRR’s Public Lecture given by Prof Paul Slovic at Durham University.  Paul describes how people fail to act when confronted with mass murder and genocide and often focus on individuals rather than large groups of […]