secondary hazards

standard Port Hills, Christchurch: Demolishing the Rockfall Threatened Houses

The Port Hills rockfall problem The Port Hills area on the edge of Christchurch was very seriously affected by the Christchurch earthquake sequence.  The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority will today start the process of demolishing the rockfall affected houses in […]

standard Dave Petley – Complexity in the anticipation of hazard and risk, and in the development of resilience

Professor Dave Petley presents how landslide hazards occur throughout the world, but especially in countries where people are most vulnerable such as China, India and Nepal.  Prof Petley demonstrates the need for natural scientists, social scientists and social workers to […]

standard Sichuan still in danger of secondary hazards

Sichuan still experiences mudslides and other secondary hazards from the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake with torrential rainfall during the monsoon season contributing to the ongoing problem.  More efforts are needed to help people living in the Sichuan Province of China as […]

standard Upcoming seminars in IHRR

As the autumn term is upon us there are a variety of new research seminars coming up in IHRR.  More will be added in due course, but this is the list thus far: Building resilience to landslides in mountain communities […]

standard The new UK Government Humanitarian Policy

A few months ago I featured the UK Government’s response to the Ashdown report, which sought to review the ways that Britain provides assistance to both slow onset and sudden crises, including both social (e.g. conflict) and hazard related (e.g. […]