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Sichuan still experiences mudslides and other secondary hazards from the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake with torrential rainfall during the monsoon season contributing to the ongoing problem.  More efforts are needed to help people living in the Sichuan Province of China as it is in the midst of undergoing reconstruction since the 8.0 mag earthquake hit Wenchuan leaving 80,000 people dead or missing.  A mining site that has opened in the epicentre of the earthquake has caused concern amongst some researchers in China who think that mining in the area could likely worsen the situation.  Other than affecting local geology the mining and factory industries in the area could also increase pollution as businesses attempt to recover from the earthquake.

According to Yang Yung, a geologist who has undergone a series of independent investigations on the effects of the Wenchuan earthquake: ‘There is virtually no public participation in China’s environmental assessments.  We urgently need more public participation and awareness of public participation. Environmental assessments ignore a whole range of interests, and there aren’t any mechanisms powerful enough to force the relevant companies to take responsibility’. Read more

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From the ‘When the Shaking Stops’ workshop, Prof Li Jing of Beijing Normal University and National Disaster Committee, gives his presentation on disaster response in China.  He also focuses on reconstruction efforts after the Wenchuan earthquake.

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